Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch

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Peli's Bathtub Play Pouch


Dreambaby® Peli's Play Pouch is an adorable tub toy storage solution.  This organizer makes toy pick-up fun!  It simply fits over the side of the tub to stay put.  The large mesh bag holds numerous bath toys and allows kids to safely access them from a seated position (no standing or reaching while in the bathtub).  The clamp adjusts to grip a range up to 5" tub wall widths and the mesh storage pouch speeds air drying.  For parent's bath time, the pouch can be turned outwards to give you extra room.

  • Expandable to fit bathtub walls up to 5" wide
  • Large mesh bag will hold numerous toys
  • Mesh pouch speeds air drying
  • Open Peli's mounth to quickly access toys
  • Turn and face outwards for parents bath and shower time

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What an amazing design, it is surely intruiging for a toddler
I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. What an amazing design, it is surely intruiging for a toddler. All they wanted to do was put thing in and immedietely retreive them. As for the mess bag for bathtub toys, this is a great idea, but isn't the best quality to stand up the the strength of a strong willed baby who has no patience. It this were a bit sturdier I can see it working out. The bottom clip is now broken and the mesh bag is not standing up to the work demand.
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Review by Mya's Mom / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
starsDoesn't fit our tub, but we made it work for her pool toys!
Upon opening, my toddler was super excited to see the Pelican shaped pouch. We immediately took that out of the box and put it together. It only took a minute! The assembly directions for the Peli Bathtub Play Pouch was super easy and it was ready in minutes. We raced upstairs to install it on our tub, but was really disappointed when we learned that it didn't fit. We have a standard sized tub and I thought it would fit perfectly because the clamp clicks and adjusts to different sizes. Our bath tub ledge was still too wide even on the biggest setting. We didn't let us ruin the excitement. We got creative and took it downstairs and put it on the safety gate so my daughter could "feed" her toys to it. We then took it outside and since then it's been in various places. My daughter loves to place him on the edge of her water table (he just sits there because the clamp doesn't close tight enough), but she has fun putting her water toys in Peli's mouth!! Ultimately, Peli ended up hanging on the side of our fence holding most of her small water table and pool toys and we are happy with him there. Dreambaby® came up with such a cute design and fun way to story your little ones toys, I just wish it fit our tub!! It makes clean up a breeze because my daughter loves to "feed" him when it's time to put things away!! If you are interested in purchasing a Peli Bathtub Play Pouch for your little one, you can check them out

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review
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Review by Marya Mann / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
Store Toys and Keep Mildew at Bay!
Since the weather has warmed up a lot in Southern California, sun block is back which means so are daily baths. Now that I have a one year old, bath time is a fun again with lots of playing and laughter in addition to the necessary cleaning.

One of the lessons I learned with my older two children is that bath toys are gross! They never seem to dry off completely and you're left with that smell of mildew which makes you wonder what exactly is festering and growing inside them.

Drying off bath toys is really important to keep away the harmful mold that can grow. But honestly, who has time for that? Once the bath is over, it's time to get in pjs and start the bedtime routine. Even with the best of intentions, I rarely make it back to dry off bath toys! That's why I love this Peli's Play Pouch! The mesh bag lets water drip through and since it is hanging, they can air dry as well.

Oh and did I mention it makes for some more bath time fun? This came in three pieces and was really easy to assemble. I just attached the white spreader that's adjustable for the width of different baths and the white bag was easily inserted inside the mouth.

Jax was delighted as soon as he saw it. To him, it's just another fun bath toy! He spent his entire bath just opening and closing the mouth and putting things in and then taking them out. At sixteen months he understands most of what I say so I've also taught him to put away his toys inside Peli before we get out of the tub. At this point he thinks it's great fun.

I love the double functionality of Peli's Play Pouch. It's something fun for Jax to play with and work on motor skills and how to clean up and at the same time keeps him healthy and safe by getting his toys dry during storage. It's a double win!
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Review by IE Mommy / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
This is a great and fun item
This is a great and fun item. My son loves that he can place his toys in and take out while he is in the tub. He thinks it is a game to open and close the Pelican mouth :) It is such a great item to help teach him to clean up bath toys and they dry out over night.
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Review by Lisa Short / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
Cute storage, but won't work for every tub.
this is a cute way to store toys in the bathroom. It is especially fun if you have an ocean theme. I did find my tub rim was almost too wide for this to work. It is wider at the ends than it is in the middle, so I have to put it in the middle. The ends won't work. It is easy to set up and to adjust.

I received one in exchange for a review.
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Review by reg / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
Daughter loves this
Easy to install & not too big. This funny little Pelican keeps the toys out of the tub when necessary, but is easy for my girl to get her toys out to play with when she's in the bath.
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Review by JoiO / (Posted on 16/09/2017)
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