Toilet Lock

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Toilet Lock


Dreambaby® Toilet Locks not only prevent dangerous accidents before they can happen, but also help stop the spread of illness causing germs and stop toddlers from throwing toys and valuables into the toilet.

  • Super-strong adhesive makes applying the lock fast and easy 
  • No tools required for installation
  • A great addition to your bathroom safety checklist from a trusted name in home safety 
  • Not recommended for use on wooden toilets

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stars Easy to install and keeps those tiny fingers out of the toilets.
I have 2 toddlers and their favorite thing to do is play with the toilet....its disgusting. I started looking for a way to keep their little hands out of my toilet water (so gross) when I came across the Dreambaby Toilet Lock. I read the reviews before purchasing and even though some did not recommend the product I decided to give it a chance since I have purchased several other Dreambaby products over the years for my now older children and they worked perfectly then. The toilet lock is just a 2 piece latch that uses adhesive to stick the two ends to the toilet (one on the top lid and one placed on the outer bowl). For an adult this lock is easy to open/close but to a child whose hand/eye coordination and strength that is still weak, it would be near impossible to open...or pull off for that matter.

I followed the instructions and made sure to clean the toilet area I was planning to use with an alcohol based substance. I let that dry and then applied the lock to the toilet and let it sit in place overnight. The next morning was the real test and it definitely well that the children cried because they could not get into their favorite toy! My husband and I have had no problems with locking/unlocking the lock (except for when we forget its there) and the long piece is flexible enough to bend outward so that you don't have to use the bathroom with a lock piece touching your leg (because that would just be weird). While only 1 lock comes in a pack, each lock is very well made and you will only need one per toilet. It has been a little over a week now since I first placed the toilet lock on my toilet and it is still working well. I am happy with the results.

I was offered this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion.
Star Rating
Review by Naomi Wade / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
Keeps little ones out and germs in!
Dreambaby Toilet Lock... is about 1 x 3.5 x 11.5 inches in size. This toilet lock is easy to install and because of other reviews saying it didn't stick well I made sure I cleaned the porcelain very well first, then wiped it down with an alcohol pad. I then let it dry before attaching the sticky parts of the lock. It worked and it has stayed in place.

This is a great concept, because all little ones have an interest in water and what better place to play than an open toilet!! This is dangerous for the toddler, the plumbing and not to mention all the germs there. By installing one of these toilet locks your worries can be put to rest.

I have one on all three bathroom toilets in my house and would recommend this for everyone who has young children in the house.
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Review by Cindy / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
Easy to install, & great value considering the germs in the toilet!
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Review by No more finding nemo / (Posted on 14/10/2017)
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