Sliding Locks - 3 Pack

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Sliding Locks - 3 Pack


Dreambaby® Sliding Locks are the fastest and most secure way to lock cupboard and cabinet doors and keep small children safe from what’s inside. They are suitable for D-Shaped handles and require no installation. Simply push down and slide the lock tight against the handles. Using a variety of different locking solutions in your home helps prevent children from learning how to operate them by doing what children do best - watching and learning.

  • No hardware to install
  • Easy to use and move
  • Suitable for D shaped Handles and Knobs
  • To use, simply push downand slide the lock tight against the handles

                         Watch the video for more information.

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Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

I use these when my grandkids come over. NO installation needed, and easy to take off and put up until the next time.
Star Rating
Review by Hughes / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Super simple
Easy to use, these things are pretty tough.
Star Rating
Review by Vernon / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
I was looking for new hardware for my cabinets, & found these at Lowes Hardware. Never looked for baby safety there, makes sense now though. Bought a couple packs, they work great in our space.
Star Rating
Review by Brian / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Did not use for Baby
I do not have children but I do have stubborn cabinets in my workshop and these helped me keep the cabinets closed. Thank you for saving me from banging my head on cabinets that keep opening.
Star Rating
Review by Bobby / (Posted on 10/02/2018)
Bought multiple
Bought multiple packages and used them literally everywhere in the house. They slide so they dont scratch up the wood cabinets. Didn't want adhesives that might come unstuck or leave behind a sticky mess!
Star Rating
Review by Tammy / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
Keeps cabinets shut and kids out
Fits our cabinet doors with handles that are not close together – a child-proofing dilemma! The doors stay shut. Tough for kids to open as you need two hands to get them open.
Star Rating
Review by S. Malone / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
Super easy on and off to get into cabinets
The locks are rather inexpensive and easy to put up. Super easy on and off to get into cabinets. Downside is they are not as hard and rigid as I thought. They do have some flex to them. We shall see if they hold up to the test of time and toddler!
Star Rating
Review by Luke / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
Simple to use - works well - buying more
Simplicity in function - simply push and slide. But keeps the kids out of the kitchen cabinets. Buying more for other uses like in the bathroom - no kids getting into lipstick and other restricted items anymore!
Star Rating
Review by Tom Hillery / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
Perfect solution for our cabinets
Quickly put on (and easily removed) when the grandkids visit.
Don’t have to worry about the grandkids getting into places they shouldn’t be like the cleaning cabinet. Easy to remove and put up after each visit.
Star Rating
Review by Nana Sue / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
Instant child-proofing – love ‘em!
So simple, quick and easy to use!
A great way to child-proof low budget and in a snap!
Star Rating
Review by Karen S / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
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