Retractable Gate Spacers - White

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Retractable Gate Spacers - White

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Dreambaby® Retractable Gate Spacers are used to help build up wall areas to the equivalent thickness of a baseboard or skirting board for installation of Dreambaby® Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate.  Suitable for baseboards .5" or .75" thick.  Contains the top only for either side of the gate hardware.

  • Compatible with Dreambaby® Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate White
  • Retractable Gate Spacers are required when fitting Dreambaby® Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate to baseboard/skirting boards
  • Use to build up the wall areas equivalent to thickness of baseboard (skirting board)
  • Suitable for use with baseboard thickness .50" to .75"
  • To fit spacers to bracket and hook, follow detailed step-by-step instructions supplied with Dreambaby® Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate L820

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