Push Down Catches - 4 Pack

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Push Down Catches - 4 Pack


Dreambaby® Push Down Catches provide quick and easy access for on-the-go adults while keeping children out of cupboards and drawers.

Help protect your child from commonplace household dangers such as poisons, sharp implements and heavy objects.

  • Suitable for use on the top or side of most cabinets
  • Suitable for top drawers and may be used on lower drawers where there is a top drawer divider to which they may be fitted
  • User-friendly drill installation with straightforward instructions
  • Opens with a gentle push down motion on the clasp

                            Watch the video for more information.

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Great Product!
Yet another outstanding product from Dreambaby. I knew it was time to look into cabinet locks after seeing how my baby enjoyed pulling everything out of the cabinets, just as her father did at her age. I considered other cabinet/draw locks, but am thankful to choose this one. Please note that if you have cabinets/drawers that inset into the cabinet (not flush close), this product is perfect for you. It may work on other designs but it definitely works on my style. Installing the locks is a breeze. I would advise using a clamp to hold the lock in place while you insert 2 screws and then removing clamp to complete installing the other screws. Placing the lock flush with the inset allows the door to close and the catch the back of the frame. I apologize if that is confusing, but it’s really simple once you have the product and installing. The lock works perfectly. The spring-loaded release is smooth and the whole unit is minimal and stays out of the way. Obviously always watch your child but this product keeps them safe until you can get there. Another positive point is now our cats can’t go snooping through the cabinets. Thanks again, Dreambaby for another wonderful product designed to keep our baby safe!
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Review by Derek / (Posted on 27/09/2017)
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