Flat Screen TV Saver - 2 Pack

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Flat Screen TV Saver - 2 Pack


Dreambaby® Flat Screen TV Savers prevent potentially serious accidents by anchoring the television to the wall or furniture with adjustable straps. Dreambaby® Flat Screen TV Savers were specifically designed to help prevent injuries that can occur when curious toddlers accidentally push over a heavy television.  Everything you need to secure one TV is Included: two heavy duty nylon straps, two metal brackets, 6 wood screws, 2 washers and variety of screws and bolts to ensure proper fit.

  • Easy installation
  • Screws into VESA holes already in back of TV set
  • Attach to wall or entertainment center, 6" below the VESA holes
  • Simply check the straps occasionally to ensure they are still taut
  • Much less expensive than a wall mounting kit and a necessity for those unable to wall mount their TV
  • Complies to ASTM F3096-14

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Works well
We have these in our bedroom, have the TV attached to the dresser. Didn't really appreciate them until my 4 year old came running around the corner & went full body against the dresser. Had a couple of bruises, but nothing else. The straps stopped the TV from falling. Very thankful for these straps.
Star Rating
Review by Jordan / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Works great for people and cats
Keeps your tv from falling. Works great! I must admit, I have a tendency to hit the tv console every time I vacuum it seems. No kids in the house but do have cats that like to push and knock over everything in the house, just to annoy me I think ;) .No worries now with these installed. The straps were easy to install and adjust. No issues. Would recommend for anyone!
Star Rating
Review by Katherine / (Posted on 10/02/2018)
Saves your kids and your TV
This strap kit is awesome. The straps simply attach to the holes already in the back of your tv.
Great idea to keep the little ones safe when rough housing and the tv from getting smashed! Thats not covered by warranty!
Star Rating
Review by Sam / (Posted on 10/02/2018)
This product works well but the screws that come with it did not work on my TV. Luckily I had screws and put them in and works great!!!
Star Rating
Review by KEN / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
Kid Proofing TVs
Great Drambaby product! If you have rambunctious kids, like we do, you need to install these TV straps to keep your kids safe and save your TV! A definite need if you have kids that like to shake TV stands or tables, or try climbing furniture. You don’t want the TV falling forward onto them! Hubby easily installed these straps. They simply attach to the holes in the back of the TV and he screwed the anchors into the back of our entertainment unit. The straps are adjusted to tautness so the TV cannot tip forward. We would recommend these TV straps to anyone with children.
Star Rating
Review by Sarah Sneldan / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
These have given me a big feeling of security!
Dreambaby 2 pack flat screen TV saver, black... The TV savers are awesome, when attached to the wall or TV stand (whichever seems more solid), these will secure that flat screen nicely.
These Dreambaby TV saver straps are made of metal and plastic, that installs easily.

My husband is a heavy footed person and sometimes everything will jump and shake when he walks by. These straps were the answer to disaster in our home, as I could just see the TV bouncing off the stand. I could also imagine that if the grandchildren were there, it could cause serious injuries.

These flat screen tv savers have made me feel much safer about the tv sitting on the stand with or without the grandchildren around.
Star Rating
Review by Cindy / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
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