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First Potty


All of your potty training needs with one purchase! Dreambaby® First Potty is a multi-stage seat starting on the floor as a stand alone potty and ending on the 'big' potty as a toilet topper to help your little one gain the confidence they need. Dreambaby® First Potty is easy to use and fits most toilets.  For the first stage, it can be used as a free standing potty.  For the next stage, the contoured seats fits onto the toilet seat.  The potty has been specifically designed to introduce your child to using a potty for the first time.  It can be used as both free-standing and fitting onto the toilet, depending on the stages of toilet training. It has a front access bowl that snaps into place, making use and cleaning very easy.  It can be fitted onto any standard toilet seat and has a contoured seat for added comfort.

  • Can be used as both free-standing or fit onto any standard toilet seat 
  • Easy to empty and clean front access bowl and snaps into place 
  • Light and transportable
  • The potty has been specifically designed to introduce your child to using a potty for the first time

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Great little potty and a great price!
Dreambaby Potty Seat/Potty chair is a nice size for younger children who are learning to go on their own. The potty seat is removable and enables you to use it on a regular toilet, great for travel or adjusting to the toilet after potty training. I also like the fact that the potty itself is built into a pull out drawer that works nicely and helps with spills that happened a lot with the old style potty chairs. This Dreambaby Potty Seat is about 13 inches tall, which is relatively small and easy for little ones to use.

I am a daycare provider and this potty is great for a small 20 month old who is working on no more diapers. I would highly recommend the purchase of this potty chair/seat for anyone needing an easy clean, multiuse system.
Star Rating
Review by Cindy / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
Potty Training Simplified!
I have gone through many different potties and seats without ever really finding the perfect one. I like this Dreambaby potty seat because it's basically a two in one, eliminating the need to buy a little potty and then a seat.

I usually start my kids out on their own little potty for many reasons. One is they think it's fun! It's something that's all theirs and they can claim ownership of it. Jax will follow us into the bathroom and I just put the seat in there waiting for him to show interest instead of trying to force it. He knew right away it was for him since it was just his size! He'll go in there and randomly sit down and even mimic going to the bathroom, getting toilet paper to wipe and everything!

The best thing about this one is that you can pull out the bottom part, almost like a tray, instead of trying to tip and dump the contents which is always as messy as it sounds!

It's much easier to clean this way and keeps it simple.

Once they have gotten the hang of this and are ready to move to the big potty, the top seat comes off to be placed on the top of the regular toilet. I had a hard time getting the top off. It almost fell like it would break but it didn't. I guess it just shows how securely it is on there!

The thing I like about this one is it's more secure than the ones you usually put on the potty because it has the ridged back. I know my other two were always scared to sit on the big potty because they thought they'd fall off. This one is definitely more secure!

The Dream Baby First Potty is all in one everything you need for potty training. They really have thought of everything with this one!

Disclaimer: I received this potty in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.
Star Rating
Review by IE Mommy / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
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