Inflatable Bath Spout Cover

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Inflatable Bath Spout Cover

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The water faucet on a bathtub can be dangerous if a child accidentally bumps their head so to prevent those accidental bumps and bruises, use Dreambaby® Bath Tub Spout Cover. The stylish spout cover fits over any standard spout; Simply inflate the cover, close, and push in the valve. Place the cute cover over the spout to provide a safe cushion.

For spouts with a shower diverter knob, carefully break the seal and remove plastic insert from slot.

  • Provides a soft, safe cushion that helps keep your baby safe at bath time
  • Cute design that will complement any bathroom décor
  • Soft Bath Spout Covers inflate easily and slide over any standard spout
  • A great addition to your bathroom babyproofing checklist
  • There is no substitute for adult supervision in the bathroom

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