Adhesive Mag Locks®- 8 Locks and 1 Key

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Adhesive Mag Locks®- 8 Locks and 1 Key


Babies are curious by nature, and it’s not until they start exploring every nook and cranny of their home that the amount of valuable and potentially dangerous items becomes apparent to mom and dad. That’s why we created Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Locks®, one of the very best safety items on the market. Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Locks® are sturdy, invisible, and completely user-friendly. They adhere to the inside of opening furniture, like cabinets and drawers. Completely out of sight, they ensure safety without producing eye-sores or tempting curiosity. The secret to the design is a powerful self-locking mechanism which is simply and easily opened by placing the magnetic key over the lock. These unobtrusive locks feature an adhesive backing and come with a template for painless installation. Because they don’t require screws, they’re perfect for fine furniture, or for families who live in rented or temporary housing. For even greater convenience, each lock features a disengaging feature and an EZY-Check Red/Green Indicator. This allows you to disengage the lock when it isn’t necessary and easily verify whether the lock is engaged or disengaged. Perfect for new parents, grandparents, baby-friendly homes, offices, and more. Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Locks® are the easiest way to protect your good dishes, photo albums, and more while keeping your children safe. They also make an excellent baby shower gift!

  • OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND – Adhering to the inside of cabinets and drawers, our locks are completely hidden from sight. They’re easy to install, sturdy to the touch, and protect your most precious possessions
  • THE ULTIMATE CHILD SAFETY PRODUCT – Children are naturally curious, but there are many items around the house you don’t want them to discover. Our durable, invisible locks protect your children without creating an eyesore or causing unwanted hassle 
  • SELF-LOCKING WITH MAGNETIC KEY – The secret to our Adhesive Mag Locks® design is a self-locking mechanism that can be only opened by placing the powerful magnetic key over the lock. Simple but ingenious, this makes retrieving everyday items from cabinets and drawers quick and painless. Keys can be easily and accessibility stored out of a child’s reach, such as on top of the refrigerator
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OPENING FURNITURE – Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Locks® are sturdy and unobtrusive. They work with cupboards, drawers, laundry cabinets, and more. As an added bonus, they can be set to remain disengaged whenever necessary 
  • EASY AND UNOBTRUSIVE INSTALLATION – Backed with adhesive, our locks are strong and secure and install without damaging furniture. They’re quick and easy to install and include an installation template for extra convenience

                                 Watch the video below for more information

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I must have super strong grandbabies because they ripped it right off
I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

At first, I was intimidated and thought I'd have to give up on this lock because the instructions didn't make sense. But if you follow the picture, you'll have an easier time. I didn't want a permanent mount so I first used the adhesive. I must have super strong grandbabies because they ripped it right off. So I had my husband install with the screws and I am super glad I didn't give up. This is so cool! I am horrified I am gonna lose the key. I wish there was a spare.
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Review by Mya's Mom / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
These locks definitely kept my child out of unwanted cabinets. I love how they are not bulky and seen on my cabinets.They were easy to put on and required no tools.

I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review
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Review by Joey Burroughs II / (Posted on 27/01/2018)
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