Stove and Oven Knob Covers - 5 Pack

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Stove and Oven Knob Covers - 5 Pack


Dreambaby® Stove and Oven Knob Covers help stop little ones from turning knobs on and off around gas and electric stoves and ovens. They are easily attached, heat-proof covers that can be used for stoves or ovens, to stop your child from potentially seriously injuring themselves.

  • Simply remove the stove or oven knob and insert through the base of the cover 
  • Return to position on the stove and snap the lid shut. You will know the lid is safely locked when you hear the click 
  • To use the stove or oven, just push in the release button, open the cover and you can cook as normal 
  • Clear, durable plastic blends unobtrusively with your kitchen décor 
  • Helps prevent accidents before they can happen 
  • Comes in a handy pack of 5

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They've surved their purpose a ton of times in my house. I bought these because they weren't huge, & tacky, & white, but pretty sleek looking, and don't even know they're there (until it's time to cook of course).
Star Rating
Review by Dot / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Worth the extra safety
I don't know why, but my first child never messed with the stove, but my second & third have found it far too entertaining. I've bought these for my home & all the greandparents homes.
Star Rating
Review by Ashlyn / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Almost didn't buy, but glad I did
I've been looking for something like this for awhile. After reading the reviews, I almost didn't buy these, but I'm I'm glad I did. What people fail to remember is that items like this have to be child friendly, while still keeping them safe. No one product is going to make everyone happy. But these did work for me & my family. If they were any thicker, they would be too hefty to fit the use they are required to meet, if they were any thinner they would break far too easily, & be more prone to slicing little ones like glass. We believe this to be a great product.
Star Rating
Review by O'Hara / (Posted on 13/02/2018)
Work well
Easy to put one. Like these clear covers - can easily see that the stove is off.Does the job.
Star Rating
Review by Karen Smythe / (Posted on 10/02/2018)
Easy to put on
Ordered online. Arrived fast. As soon as our daughter started reaching for the knobs we knew it was time to do something fast. Easy to put on. Nice clear covers. - arrived fast.
Star Rating
Review by Sam / (Posted on 10/02/2018)
Works - little ones can't turn the knobs
A bit tough to open for adults but it works - little ones can't turn the stove on - thats a major safety issue with propane! Supervision is always required of course, but this helps!
Star Rating
Review by Sandra / (Posted on 10/02/2018)
Nice looking
These covers are wonderful and really nice looking. I love that they are clear and do not take away from the look of my stove. Easy to use!
Star Rating
Review by Lou Ann Medley / (Posted on 9/02/2018)
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